Follow these 2 methods to lose weight fast and you will not regret it

We are in those first months of the year where each and every one of us are urgently looking for a way to take away the pounds we gained in December. But I tell you not to despair, because with these 2 methods to lose weight fast, you will get visible results in a short time.

First it is advisable that you seek medical help if you are morbidly obese, because in this case you would have to apply a little more extreme measures to get rid of your overweight. However, if you want to start these methods gradually, these will serve you for your initial stage of weight loss. For all those who wish to make substantial changes in their way of eating, it is advisable to use the Mediterranean diet that will not deprive you of your tastes at the first to lose weight fast

2 methods to lose weight fast day by day

We wonder if it is possible to lose weight quickly, which can be viable through good detoxification. By means of this the body expels through the urine and the excrement all the wastes that increase the corporal volume. This you can get by doing a detox diet in the first 3 days and then from the fourth day, you will have to change your eating habits substantially.

  1. Detox Diet: This system is done the first 3 days that you have decided to enter into a regimen for slimming, as it is one of the most effective methods for fast weight loss. Polo has to be carried out for a couple of days. You will have to use shakes made with natural fruits and green vegetables, which you will take in your breakfasts and lunch. While for dinner you will eat chicken breast hoes, steamed or baked, with green salads, grated carrots, a dash of lemon plus a spoonful of olive oil.
  2. Continue with this healthy diet, as it is Mediterranean diet since in it you can eat bread, whole pasta, rice, potatoes and legumes lead the companions of this stupendous diet. Vegetables and fruits are essential, as is the extra virgin olive oil to season your meals and get the fat naturally. Proteins like chicken and blue fish are basic.

This method to lose weight is the most nutritious and little more permissive than any other regime. It also allows you to eat low-fat yogurts and even a glass of wine once a week. Without a doubt you can lose weight in a fun way because you can eat a sweet one once a week without much stress.

In order to have a healthy life, you just have to adjust your pace of life and adapt to any of these 2 methods to lose weight fast. It is absolutely necessary that while you apply any of them, practice physical exercise regularly and drink plenty of water during the day.

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